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Hello Sweetie...

River Song

Who am I ? Archaeologist, Detective, Trained Assassin,  Wife. Well, that's what it says on the card. Mostly I travel,  in time and space . . . doesn't everyone? Think about it. 

I am a performer,  My friends call me River, You should call me River.  I've done a lot of things,  and I intend to do more. Oh, vague?  Well, I've written and directed films, been in magazines, a panellist at many conventions.  I like to sing, read ,and run,  seeing and doing things.


But,  you may ask,  how does a little girl growing up in the US end up being River?  it's a bit complicated,  which isn't my middle name but should be.  Growing up around performers, where one of the main industries was a magic factory,  obviously, I grew up with a sense of whimsy. Now mix that in with a wild passion for science,  and wanting to be the first woman on the moon. Some things just weren't in the cards.

Studying my craft, including the technical side of theatre, as well as performance, dance and voice classes were a start. I played comedy, drama, and musicals; performed for children, and worked BTS. As a writer and director, I was a founding member of EZTV Video Gallery. In 2005 Doctor Who came back to our screens, and on the 31st of May 2008,  you might say I found myself.  Other than the physical resemblance to Ms Kingston, which is just luck,  it was the character I was drawn to.  She was a scientist,  but she could be glamorous, these are all parts of me, so at Gallifrey One I threw together an outfit, a dear friend gave me a belt and suddenly I was in the costume masquerade. Mind you I normally ran a camera, so it was a last-minute thing. 

That has led to panels and invites to other conventions, and costumes and photo shoots. 

 I can now count panels not only at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) but guest status, panels and presentations at ConDor Academy,  San Diego Who Con, Virtual panels for SDCC, Necronomicon, San Diego Who Con as well as being a guest on The Geek Authority Webcast and being written up in The British Weekly as a Member of Brits in Los Angeles. If you want fast-paced and in character River,  I'm your girl. My Hello Sweetie has even turned the head of Steven Moffat.  


Call me. . .

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